Frequently Asked Questions with Regards to Learning with Us.

What is Small Group Tuition?

A small group tuition, also known as group tuition, refers to private tuition conducted by a home tutor together with a number of students (more than one). The number of students in a group normally varies. In order to keep learning efficient, APM Tuition limit the number of students in a group to a maximum of 8 per group.

What are the advantages of Small Group Tuition?

  • Competitiveness Provokes Improvement

It is a basic human mindset not to lag behind his comrade. With someone who is deem as a competitor side by side, it will instigate one to work even harder. Motivation is a key point to success. Studying in a tuition group will benefit the students.

  • Fun Environment

Group tutoring is not as boring as a one to one tutoring session. There will be more interaction between the tutor and the students, and the studying atmosphere will not be as dry as one to one tutoring. Your child will be expecting the next tuition session!

  • One solution may uncover another’s unknown riddle

Sometimes, having no doubt does not mean that a person knows everything. It is when an unknown question appears, a student will know his limit and start to panic. When a doubt is raised by a fellow study-mate, it may help others to realise their weakness as well.

  • Clarification

Students try to re-explain to one another what the home tutor says. This in turn helps everyone of them to better understand everything the home tutor tries to explain.

  • Cheaper Tuition Fees

Group tuition will normally reduce the tuition rate of each individual student, such that it is more affordable for the parents.

Is small group tuition effective?

The advantages of small group tuition truly outweigh the benefits of a one-to-one session. Having said that, it all still boils down to the efficiency and proficiency of the tutor.

Small group settings allow for fruitful discussion, dynamic collaboration, friendly competition, lasting friendship, engaging peer support, increased self-motivation and so much more!

What subjects do you teach?

We are specialists in teaching Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to all levels (PSLE, O Level, IP, IB, IGSCE, A levels).

My child is very weak in his studies. Will it be too late? Should I send him to you?

We take in students from all walks of life. No matter how badly your children’s academic results are, or how unmotivated your children is, we are always here for them!

It is better to be late than never. But honestly, in our viewpoint, nobody is ever too late to make a positive change. There is always hope and we strongly believe it!

What do I have to pay upon registration?

Parents are required to pay deposit for 4 lessons, material fee (pro-rated), a month’s fee in advance for lesson to begin.

There will be NO registration fees, NO administrative fees.

What are the modes of payment?

We only accept payment by cash or bank transfer. Receipts will be given as a proof of payment.

When are the monthly fees due?

Fees are payable at the beginning of each month. There will be pro-rating of fees if your children begin lesson in the middle of the month. However, there is no pro-rating of fees if your children miss any lesson, regardless of the reasons. Makeup lessons will be arranged instead.

Is there lessons during the June/December holidays?

Lessons will be as normal in June holidays. There will normally be year end break where students go for their yearly break.  However, we will have professional long-running workshops held during the holidays and we invite your child to join us for an enriching moment.

If my child can’t make it to the allocated tuition lesson, can he/she attend a makeup lesson?

Please refer to paragraph 3 of APMC’s Terms and Conditions for detailed information.

Will my children be in good hands?

Our team of teachers are handpick after several rounds of interviews to ensure we only hire the best. In general, one (1) in fourty (40) teachers who attended our interview will be hired for one (1) month probation.

Not being able to find Answers to your Questions here? Drop us a note below and we will get back to you.

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