Who are We and What We Do?

Ace in Physics and Maths no matter who you are, which level you are in. We SPECIALIZE in Physics and Maths tuition for students of all levels (PSLE, O Level, IP, IB, IGSCE, A levels) and we endeavor to bring out the best in you. Our tutors have good years of experience and proven track records of improving student’s grades. We believe that MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION are the main drivers of learning and we are constantly influencing our students. With small groups of 6 students or less, we have the advantage of 1 - 1 teaching where every student’s strength and weakness are very well managed and at the same time provides the advantage of learning from the others (mistakes and strength). It has been proven with experience where students improve much faster and enjoy their lesson more in small groups.



There are many tuition centers providing PSLE TUITION IN SINGAPORE. A large pool of them provides tuition for all subjects including English, Mathematics, Science and 2nd Language. We decided to focus on only one and be a specialist in Mathematics as we belief that with focus, we will bring out the best of your child in the subject.

o Level


SECONDARY MATHS TUITION in Singapore is a common subject that many students are seeking out for. There is a jump in theoretical difficulty from PSLE to Secondary as well as from Lower Secondary to Upper Secondary. Students often find themselves helpless when their grade suffers during this transition. At APM Tuition, we provide dedicated guidance to students to bridge knowledge gaps during this period. We are one of the preferred choice for students looking for O LEVEL MATHS TUITION IN SINGAPORE.

At the age of 15, students taking O Level are required to make a choice on the type of science which they wish to pursue. Physics being one of the popular subjects that students go for is conceptually very demanding compared to Chemistry and Biology. APM Tuition provide one of the most comprehensive O LEVEL PHYSICS TUITION IN SINGAPORE not only guide student in understanding and applying the concepts but also to tackle challenging questions so that they will achieve the highest score in examinations.

A Level


APM JC PHYSICS TUITION is a comprehensive program targeted at developing our student’s appreciation of the subject. Through simulation software and handpicked video, we will show how physics concepts are applied in our everyday situations.

Besides developing strong foundation in concepts, we instill critical analytical and evaluation skills of students so that they are able to solve challenging questions with the ultimate goal of performing in A Level examination. We esteem to be offer the best A LEVEL PHYSICS TUITION IN SINGAPORE.

Apart from physics, we also specialize in providing JC MATHS TUITION at APM. Our tuition program is aimed at developing student’s appreciation of the subject. At APM, students are exposed to all varieties of questions in each topic and our teacher will equip them with concepts and strategies to answer them. Maths are often taught in schools without developing the understanding of the applications. Our center endeavor to develop interest in the subject through games and applications. We prepare our students not only in their capability in solving the questions, but also understand the theory / concepts behind the topics so that they will be able to present the solution for higher score in examination.

Seek no further if you are looking for A LEVEL MATHS TUITION IN SINGAPORE to improve your score continuously.



Unlock the secret to score in Physics and Maths for your IB Examination at APM Tuition. We are the expert in the subjects and we aim to give you the edge in your exam with our specially designed study structure.

At APM tuition, our IB PHYSICS TUITION program prepares students for the examination regardless of their previous exposure. Through a regime of intensive coaching, we ensure that our students are exposed to exam like questions so that they will get conditioned for the real situation. Our program structure are designed to be fun with simulations, videos and tons of examples to bring out your interest in physics as you lean the important concepts.

With more than 10 years of providing IB MATHS TUITION, we deem ourselves as veteran in the subject itself. Our students will be tested over and over again with our huge bank of topical questions. Our tutors are not only dedicated but also patient in explain the concepts in different facets so that you will find one that is acceptable to absorb. Get continuous grade improvement with our specialist to kickstart your successful path to college.