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She told me Mr Ng cells are made of physics Haa so funny

Stella’s Mom | Sec 3 | RGS

Hi Lewis!! I got my results and my promo grade for physics is a C! thank you for helping me improved from U in MYE to C.

Sharifa | H2 Physics | RJC

79! Thanks ya! must keep this up for A Levels

Ming Yue | H2 Math | River Valley

I got B3 for Physics. A Math also!!! First Time!

I’ve never passed my A Math before!!!

Stella | A Math | SCGS

Hi Lewis! Natasha got back her results. Her A Math is 63/80 (78%).

Natasha | A Math | Christ Church

Issac Math - 99 / 100. 2nd in class.

Yet to see his paper. Thank you so much Tr Lewis!

Issac | P6 Math | Woodgrove

KJ said he wants to tell you his new scores.

He got 95!

Please pretend don’t know. We are happy for him

KJ | P5 Math | Woodgrove Pri

Hi Tr Lewis, he scored the highest in the class, 93. Surprised?

KG | P5 Math | Ai Tong

Mike is very happy that you taught him n confident he will pass his MYE physics

Micheal | O Level Physics | Woodgrove Sec



Set your goal for the subject and we will help you exceed your expectations. We are the best Physics and Math Tuition Centre in Woodlands and Admiralty.


Scoring A

Set your goal for the subject and we will help you exceed your expectations. We are the best Physics and Math Tuition Centre in Woodlands and Admiralty.




scoring a

Ace your Physics and Math

Welcome to APM Tuition Centre

Ace in Physics and Math no matter who you are. We are the Specialist in Physics and Math and we are well versed in all syllabus ranging from PSLE, O Level, IP, IB, IGSCE to A levels. Our tutors have good years of experience and have excellent track records of improving student’s grades. With small groups of 6 students or less, we have the advantage of 1 - 1 teaching where every student’s strength and weakness are very well managed and at the same time leveraging on the advantage of group learning.

The levels we teach


PSLE Science

There are many tuition centers providing PSLE tuition in Singapore. A large pool of them provides tuition for all subjects including English, Mathematics, Science and 2nd Language. We decided to focus on only Math and Science and we do it the best of all. We provide the best math tuition in woodlands and admiralty.

O Level Math

O Level Physics

The most popular subject for secondary school tuition. In Secondary School, the learning curve is steep and students often find themselves helpless when their grade suffers during this transition. At APM Tuition Centre, we provide dedicated guidance to students to bridge knowledge gaps during this period.

A Level Math

A Level Physics

We excel in the subjects and we provide the best JC Physics and Math Tuition. At APM Tuition Centre, our comprehensive program are targeted at developing student’s appreciation of physics. Through simulations and handpicked videos, we will show how physics concepts relate to our everyday situations.

IB SL / HL Math

IB SL / HL Physics

The broadbased and demanding IB Program targeting to instill research and self learning ability in students are specifically challenging.  Students are expected to learn out of the program themselves. At APM Tuition Centre, we provide you with the necessary guidiance to understand SL / HL Physics and Math.


our stories

2019 Mid Year Achievements

Fruits of labour are always rewarding, moreover, with fun filled learning process instilled, the results become ever more fulfilling. We would like to congratulate our students who excelled and topped in their classes for this mid year milestone.

Congratulations to our O Level students who secured a place in their desired Junior College

It was never an easy wait for O level results. Neither of us were able to sleep well before the night of release although we were all confident that they could do well enough to secure a place in their favorite Junior College. It was rewarding to know that our...

We are Rated top 3 Tuition Centre in Woodlands!

It was a fulfilling year in 2018 for both our students and us. As we continue to help our students achieving thier desired goals in education, we received many good feedbacks that encourages us. While its was only 1 year since we step into the north, we are rated the...

Integrated Programme | H2 Math

Primary School | PSLE Science

Secondary School | O Level Math

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