B.Eng (Hon)

Physics, Chemistry And Math Tutor

Education is not the Learning of facts. It is rather The Training of the Mind to Think.

Being a strong advocator of education, I started my career as a tutor in year 2000. The passion for teaching outweighs everything else and decided to become a full time tutor in 2017/2018. In pursue of my affection and curiosity for the subjects. The universe has so much more unknown yet to be explored.


Primary Math and Science Tutor

A student is not a container you have to fill but a torch you have to light up.

As a learner as well as a tutor, I hope to not only spread my love for knowledge but also be a tutor who nurtures interest and cultivates a proper mindset in the subject. Instilling the passion to venture into the vast field of learning and discovering their potential on how much more they can be.

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