Holiday Enrichment Programme 2021

Stand ready to be immerse in our hybrid, physical and online, lesson this Holiday for optimal learning experience. Heighten your child’s depth of knowledge, inferential comprehension and metacognitive skills through stimulating topics that nurture higher-order thinking in our subject-specific intensive revision programmes.


Register your interest in our Holiday Enrichment Programme below and place a deposit of $80 by 22nd Oct 2021.


Receive a confirmation of the allotted schedule and accept via full fee payment by 30th Oct 2021


Start the Enrichment programme from 15th Nov 2021 and be ready to see improvement.

Quick Facts:

1) Holiday’s Enrichment programme spans 5 weeks from 15th Nov 2021 to 19th Dec 2021.

2) Total of 5 lessons per registered course.

3) The deposit of $80 will be refunded only under the follow scenarios:

i. When an offered slot for a class is accepted.
ii. The preferred time slot is not available and class is not accepted

4) Make up are not available for missed lessons.

5) Lessons will be conducted via zoom and various online platform to achieve the optimum learning experience.


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