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It’s never too early to start planning when it comes to your child’s education; give him or her a strong start to 2024. With limited spaces available in our classes, here is your opportunity to secure a spot in your preferred 2024 class. In addition to receiving priority class placement for your child, you will also receive exclusive enrolment incentives by following these simple steps:

Pre-Register for 2024 class in 3 steps


Register your interest in any of our 2024 programmes and place a $100 refundable deposit by 7th Nov 2023.


Receive a call from our consultant to confirm and reserve your class preference by 14th Nov 2023.


Accept the offered class by 17th Nov 2023 to enjoy pre-registration incentives:

• Priority placement in your preferred class for 2024 programmes
• Discounted Tuition Fee for 2024
• A waiver of new student registration fee worth S$100
• A waiver of 1 lesson fees in Jan 2024

*Terms and conditions apply

*This priority registration is only available for (a) new students or (b) existing APMC students enrolling in a new subjects. It is not applicable for existing APMC students for the subject(s) they are already enrolled in. For your child(ren)’s existing class(es), we have already reserved a space for him or her in 2024 class(es). 

Terms and Conditions

  1. The pre-registration exercise is only available for new students or existing students enrolling in a new core programme with APMC Learning Centre.
    i. Re-admission students are not eligible for the pre-registration incentives.
  2. The pre-registration incentive is not valid in conjunction with other promotions, discounts or vouchers.
  3. The deposit of $100 must be made together with pre-registered interest between 1st October and 7th November 2023.
  4.  The deposit of $100 will be refunded only under the follow scenarios:
    i. When an offered slot for a class is accepted.
    ii. The preferred time slot is not available and class is not accepted
  5.  The refund will be made via bank transfer and will be processed in Nov 2023.
  6. Payment for 4 Lesson deposits – 2024 fees of the core programme must be made within 3 days of confirmation 2024  classes or by 17th Nov 2023, whichever date is earlier.
    i. In the event that a class has been accepted and subsequently declined from after 17th Nov 2023, the $100 pre-registration deposit will be forfeited.
  7. Enrolment in the core programme in 2024 must be for a minimum of two month.
  8. APMC Learning Centre reserves all rights to make changes to any of their programmes and promotions, and may, at its discretion, amend timings, availability, venues, content and specialist trainers according to programme priorities and client needs.
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