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Our weekly A Math Tuition Classes are meticulously crafted to sharpen the student’s understanding of the topics. With a small class size of 6 (max 8), we ensure that every student receives our dedicated attention. We champion consistency and active learning in students, equipping them with the skills and wits to carve out their edge in A Math and eventually Ace the ‘O’ Level examination.

To prepare students for O-Level success and beyond, our students will be exposed to topical revision through comprehensive concept maps and noteworthy past examination questions during our A Math Tuition. Students will further solidify their examination skills through error analysis exercises and practice tests.

If your child is from an IP school, we will “handcraft” the program lesson to include topics that are not in the ‘O’ level A Math syllabus including functions, graph shifting, modulus functions, etc.

The Curriculum for A Math / IP Math Tuition

Algebra & Functions

  • Non-linear simultaneous equations
  • Indices*
  • Surds
  • Logarithms
  • Polynomials
  • Factor & remainder theorems
  • Partial fractions
  • Quadratic equations & functions
  • Quadratic inequalities
  • Binomial theorem
  • Graphs of logarithmic & exponential functions
  • Modulus*
  • Graphical transformations*
  • Functions*

Geometry & Trigonometry Calculus

  • Coordinate geometry in two dimensions
  • Circles
  • Linear law
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Simple trigonometric identities & equations
  • Further trigonometric identities
  • Proof in plane geometry


  • Differentiation
  • Application of differentiation
    • Equations of tangents & normal
    • Rate of Change
    • Maxima & Minima
  • Derivatives of trigonometric functions
  • Derivatives of exponential & logarithmic functions
  • Integration
  • Area of a bounded region
  • Kinematics
Note: *denotes IP components covered in the Integrated Mathematics programme

Programme Highlights for A Math / IP Math Tuition

Content Mastery
  • Cover topics such as Equations and Inequalities, Indices and Surds, Polynomials and Partial fractions and Binomial expansions
  • Learn about the amplitudes and periodicities of trigonometric graphs
  • Lean how to use trigonometric identities, addition formula, double-angle formula, and R formula to simplify and solve trigonometric equations
  • Discover how the sine and cosine functions relate to sciences, including the propagation of sound waves
  • Study how to find the equation of a circle, and the area and perimeter of a rectilinear figure in a coordinate plane
  • Understand and apply different geometric theorems, such as the midpoint theorem
  • Write formal proofs and explain whether a geometrical statement is true
  • Learn Calculus, the most advanced concept in Secondary Mathematics
  • Students will learn to model the motion of an object in a straight line using kinematics concepts
Skills and Techniques
  • Hone their skills in manipulating symbolic representations of exponential, indicial, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions
  • Learn to prove that two trigonometric expressions are identical using identities and formulae
  • Extend the ability to visualise and represent lines to curves and circles defined by algebraic equations on a graph
  • Acquire analytical and communication skills that will enable them to make inferences, draw logical conclusions and evaluate solutions
  • Learn to recognise question types, identify important markers and apply effective strategies to answer questions
  • Study real-world problems and formulate them in mathematical terms with suitable assumptions and simplifications
  • Interpret mathematical solutions in real-world contexts
Revision and Reinforcement
  • Focus on revising and mastering all the topics through practice tests and revision handouts, which include questions that test foundational knowledge and examination questions
  • Hone key examination skills such as time management and error analysis with practices on specific question types

Reasons To Attend Our A Math / IP Math Tuition Classes

Small Class Size Icon

Small Class Size

2 to 8 students

Conducive Learning Environment

Small Class Size Icon

Customized Coaching

Reinforcing current school topics

1 to 1 Coaching

Exam Skills Icon

Hones Exam Skills

Time Management Skills

Exam Questions Training

Good Track Records Icon

Proven Track Records

> 86% Scoring A

> 93% improvement

Class Duration Icon

Lesson Duration

2 Hrs Weekly (Sec & JC)

1.5 Hrs Weekly (Pri) 


I got B3 for Physics

Amath also!!!

First Time!

I’ve never passed my AMath before!!!!


Secondary 4 A-Math, Singapore Chinese Girls School

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