Stories About Us

Our Students come from all walks of life. Regardless of Race, Religion and Gender, all our students are treated with utmost importance and we strive to bring the best out in all.

Integrated Program H1 Maths

H1 Maths Students (River Valley High Integrated Program)

MY is a very intelligent student from River Valley High Integrated Program taking H1 Maths for A level in year 2017. We took her in our 1 to 1 coaching for mathematics since Jan 2017 and she had shown tremendous improvement ever since. Her results jumped from a S grade to A in prelim with 6 months of training.

IGCSE Grade 8 Maths and Science

IGCSE Grade 8 Maths and Science Student (ACS)

Renzo and Viola are siblings from Indonesia who joined ACS grade 8 IGCSE program. We took them into our personal coaching session in Aug 2017. Our task from their parents was to make them pass and advance to Grade 9 in the final promotional examination in October 2017. With great effort, they made it in 2 months!

Sec 3 Integrated Program Maths

IP Year 3 Maths (Dunman High)

Anna was a cheerful kid with lots of positivity. Her school’s stringent program put her into class quiz on a weekly basis. Her grades went from zero to scoring a 70% to 90% on her weekly quiz after we took her in.

O Level Physics and Maths

O Level Physics, E Maths and A Maths (Commonwealth)

Mike was a very promising student whom we took him in on a 1 to 1 coaching regime. A good natured young boy who take every single piece of advice given by us. We had very intensive lessons for a period of 5 months before his O levels. From a U grade in physics, E Maths and A Maths, we have managed to push him for pass in all 3 subjects during prelim. The fight did not stop then and we are aiming for an A1 in E Maths and at least a B3 in his A Maths and Physics!

From the Appreciations of our Students and Parents