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B.Eng (Hon),

MSc (Physics),

MSc (Mathematics)

Physics And Math Tutor

Education is not the Learning of facts. It is rather The Training of the Mind to Think.

Being a strong advocator of education, I started my career as a tutor in year 2000 when I was serving National Service. The passion for teaching outweights everything else and I continued to teach during my undergrad days even with tight cirruculum of NUS. Graduated from Engineering in 2006, I taught in schools for more than 2 years before embarking as a full time tutor. In pursue of my affection and curiosity for the subjects, Master in Science for Physics and Mathematics is still not the end of education. The universe has so much more unknown yet to be explored.


B.Eng (Hon), 

MSc (Civil Eng)

Math and Science Tutor

Sow the seeds of hard work and you will reap the fruits of success

Wanqing has been a part-time tutor since her undergraduate years almost two decades ago. She focuses on Math and Science for Primary and Secondary students. She truly believes that every flower blooms at a different pace and each and every child carries greatness disguised in tiny potentials.