• Competitiveness Provokes Improvement

It is a basic human mindset not to lag behind his comrade. With someone who is deem as a competitor side by side, it will instigate one to work even harder. Motivation is a key point to success. Studying in a tuition group will benefit the students.

  • Fun Environment

Group tutoring is not as boring as a one to one tutoring session. There will be more interaction between the tutor and the students, and the studying atmosphere will not be as dry as one to one tutoring. Your child will be expecting the next tuition session!

  • One solution may uncover another’s unknown riddle

Sometimes, having no doubt does not mean that a person knows everything. It is when an unknown question appears, a student will know his limit and start to panic. When a doubt is raised by a fellow study-mate, it may help others to realise their weakness as well.

  • Clarification

Students try to re-explain to one another what the home tutor says. This in turn helps everyone of them to better understand everything the home tutor tries to explain.

  • Cheaper Tuition Fees

Group tuition will normally reduce the tuition rate of each individual student, such that it is more affordable for the parents.

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