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Hi I am Lewis,


and Math Tutor

Hi I am Lewis,

Physics and Math Tutor

Ace Physics and Maths (APM) Tuition was founded by Mr Lewis Ng in year 2017 with the initial intend of focusing on JC MATH TUITION and JC PHYSICS TUITION. The class started off with a 1 to 1 home tuition and eventually grew into small tuition groups. Over the years, we have evolved and extend our reach to students seeking for Secondary and PSLE Math TUITION. We have helped numerous students in achieving grades improvements. With a wealth of tutoring experience, we have moved up north to Woodlands and Admiralty in year 2016 where we continued our tutoring in Math and Physics. In 2018 and 2019, we are nominated one of the Best Private Tuition in Woodlands. Here’s the message from the founder:

We take in students from all walks of life and every student are gems waiting to be polished. With care and patience, we endevor to make them shine. Education is more than the subject itself and it is very essential to make our students realize that. As the saying goes, teaching the cat how to fish is far more important than providing the fish itself.

Teaching Mathematics and Physics is more challenging than studying the subject itself. It’s not easy to be a good Mathematics and Physics teacher. The Main objective of setting up the study group is to share a strategy which I have developed from my experience both as a student and as an educator. The class is set at a maximum of 6 students to as I believe that this is an optimum number to make the lesson interesting. Any lesser will be boring and any more will make the lesson inefficient.

During my class, I will reveal the secret on how to solve questions the way they are set. In addition, I will also share my strategy to adopt a logical approach to solving questions. In my lessons, you will be exposed to lots of question which you will eventually understand the concepts of the topic I am discussing. My objective is not so much as to cover a lot and to make my students chew on a lot of equations. But my goal is to uncover several basic things that they will remember for the rest of their life.